Medical Team for Rohingya Camps:

    We are sending a well-trained 16-member medical team of physicians and paramedics/health workers a to Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh to serve the Rohingya refugees initially for three months. We will extend the services depending on the need and continued medicine supplies. Our Medical team will work in coordination with the Control Room to set up the government and will also coordinate/collaborate with other interested organizations including CDC, IEDCR, UNFPA, UNHCR, etc for mass vaccination of the children and adults, treatment, wound dressing and emergency management, for 800,000 Rohingya refugees. 

    We are raising funds locally (in the USA, tax-exempt 501c3) and also in Bangladesh. We are also collecting medicines and other medical supplies, and a transport van to be used in the local areas to carry medical team and daily supplies of medicines/salines/etc.

    If you or your organization or someone you know would be interested to participate and/or contribute/donate to the cause, please use the DONATE tab above. You may also visit our Facebook page here.