For Rohingya Refugees:

    As of October 2017, we at Health on Wheels have expanded our target demographics to Rohingya refugees. Rohingyas have been pushed out of their homeland by Burma and many have been forced to take refuge in Bangladesh, where Health on Wheels has set up two medical centers in the Kutupalong and Balukhali camps. In these remote places without electricity and 3G phone lines, our dedicated members have been using solar panels to charge the local WiFi router, laptop and handheld TABs to register patients and store their medical records. Each patient is followed up longitudinally for further treatment using their digital health-card containing a picture and a scannable unique bar-code. Our program also includes free medication and treatment to all Rohingya patients with cut injuries, bullet injuries, infectious disease, hypertension, diabetes, Ashtma, high-risk pregnancy, Malnutrition, and more.Health on Wheels will also setup special arrangements with the  Government Health Complex and BRAC center for patients with suspected TB. Malnourished children and pregnant women are also brought to the nearby Feeding and Nutrition Center run by the World Food Program.

For Underprivileged Industrial Workers:

    Health on Wheels works for underprivileged women, children and industrial workers in the United States, Bangladesh, Nepal, Haiti and Ghana has been self-financed.

 Health on Wheels empowers underprivileged communities through improving health care! Through education and better health, we intend to break the cycle of poverty, uplifting living conditions for industrial workers and slum dwellers. By making small improvements in dietary practices, –by providing iron supplements and furnishing menstrual hygiene education - Health on Wheels is making sustainable improvements in the lives of garment workers. 

    Health on Wheels uses onsite healthcare workers,sophisticated cell phone-based m-Health  and electronic medical record (EMR) software to coordinate screening test results, diagnosis, and treatment regime with our physicians. All patient and employer records are kept strictly confidential and secure. Hundreds of workers are seen each month, with regular follow up appointments scheduled as necessary to improve their physical and mental health, and sustain well-being.

    Health on Wheels is working to establish an atmosphere where workers feel comfortable and healthy, helping to build trust and good relationships between the employer and the employees. A healthy work force will ensure improved productivity and reduced employee turnover.